What would happen?

Image: Igor Miske – Unsplash

If we just one day said no. I will not do that? Or just stoped doing things? Stoped taking the freaking responsibility for everything. All the things that just happens to fall in your lap because no-one else is doing it. I’m talking about buying birthday gifts for EVERYONE, securing that the kids have clothes that fit, invite friends over for social arrangements (I mean pre-covid) or just securing a decent conversation when invited to a social gathering.

I’m not saying that it’s only women doing this. No, but I bet there are more men not doing any of the above stuff, which then leads to women needing to take over to not create an unpleasant situation for a third party. Personally I can name countless of time when I have done it all. Nowadays, I don’t buy the gifts though. Not my responsibility. I have also considered to write only my name on the birthday and Christmas gifts to the kids. The Mr was totally incomprehensible to this. Me on the other hand thought it was logic. My idea, my purchase and my money. But as we do take the freaking emotional responsibility I’m sure also his name came on the card (written by…yes, you guessed it me)

Another perfect example of this idiocy, is contraceptives. If women would stop taking the responsibility and leaving it to the men only, your stats for unwanted pregnancies would sky rock! And still, legislators around the world makes this and the punishment for it it a women issue – only. Seriously?

No this Easter Sunday is not a good day. And do you know what – I will not pretend it is! Do you what else – when I don’t I’m going to be the problem. Not the person putting me in the situation.

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