House druggy

Photo: Krzysztof Kowalik – Unsplash

In Sweden there are many “house druggies”. People who love looking at houses on housing marketplaces. Personally I think I’m more of a desolate house druggy. Or desolate houses regaining their life, by (often) young, enterprising people.

Usually these houses are set on the countryside, far from the glamorous cities (with all their conveniences). But they are huge (compared to what you get elsewhere) and inexpensive, even if I understand that also here the prices can triple at the bidding. And I love and admire these handy young people. Who doesn’t believe that success and fame is equal to living in the bigger cities or even a somewhat densely populated area.

As Easter Monday didn’t have anything better to offer, more than snow… I spent the day looking at one of this fantastic couple, who back in 2018 bought their desolated house and shared their progress on You Tube, all accompanied to the wonderful accent of värmlandska.

So follow @emiliavemyrtorp and all the other fantastic people out there if you are a sucker for interior design and before and afters.

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