Hungry for more

Yes, sometime us happy people are very VERY provocative. Like yesterday, when I woke up at 05.30 when the Mr’s alarm went off (I mean, someone’s gotta work) and didn’t even get upset about it. Instead I felt grateful.

Instead of moping I took the opportunity to improve myself. I listened to a pod, read the daily newspaper (which I get in papper edition on weekends) and wrote a blog post.

The other of my new year’s resolutions was to educate myself more (the first was to not get upset or disappointed that most people are incredibly stupid). To understand things more than just scrolling down a social media feed.

And as I have nothing else to do as I don’t see anyone (as there is a pandemic going on and my kids are teenagers who either are sleeping till noon or are not sleeping at home at all) combined with the fact that I wake up early in the mornings, I have loads of time to enhance myself.

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