I don’t know if he is mentioned here very often. Maybe more in a subordinate clause. Usually I would say, “like in IRL“. But this is not the time to be joking. Because he is, as far from a joke anyone could come.

He has now been asked (and accepted) to be the head coach for our (his) home town’s soccer team. A challenge for sure, but also a great honor for him to be able to return to the club he once joined as a young boy.

And soccer is in his blood. He was already lost to soccer when we met 23.5 years ago (read this and do the math yourself). Many were the weekends when I came to visit him and I got to spent it with friends rather than the boyfriend as both the Saturday AND Sunday was spent playing soccer. Thanks to him I have come to like and appreciate the sport (and a number of new friends).


From now on he will, by many, be judged by his ability to lead a team of ball-kicking men, but for me he is so much more than a coach.

Even if we in our core are very alike, positive and outgoing, he balances me perfectly. He has brought spontaneity into my life (seriously I am as spontaneous as an excel sheet), he calms me down when I get trippin’ (I get trippin’ over most things) and he soothes my soul when my anxiety over our children or life in general takes me for a spin. He is my ying and my yang, he is my rock and harbor and he makes me laugh, every single day .

Best of luck Bia, I’ll be there by your side. Cheering too high, rejoicing with you when you win, not caring as much if you loose. But always, always by your side.

Forza Giffen!

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  1. Sofia says:

    Alltså det hänger ettBåstads GIF lila/svart WCT ställ inne på loppisen som du MÅSTE lägga vantarna på. Yin Yang och så vidare.

    1. louisedock says:

      Ljuslila har aldrig varit min färg. Varken med eller utan ying och yang

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