So, here I am starting my 43:rd orbit around the sun. Doesn’t it feel just a little bit more special when you compare a year with your own personal journey around the sun?

Anyway, I’m amazed(!) at the amounts of birthday wishes I have received. Totally flabbergasted over the digital and IRL greetings and tributes I’ve gotten. Thank you! 

I’ve also noticed the overwhelming compliments over my pure existence. I appreciate every single one of them. And I do my outmost to not wave them off with typical Swedish modesty. It is not purely good to hear my persona being described as inspiring, smart, phenomenal and life altering, for people like me it might very well develop an unfit degree of narcissism (but don’t stop!).

My day was fabulous with workout, pampering, work, song, gifts, homemade chocolate chip cookies, restaurant visit and discussions. 

I am so grateful. 

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