Say what?

Fresh from the office floor I overheard this:

“When your married you never get a break from your kids! But when you are divorced you like do.”

I’m sure I’ve misunderstood it all, taking it from it’s context whatever, whatever… BUT my core still reacts to the comment and I wonder why.

Cause I’m not saying or thinking that:

  1. you should stay in a relationship because of your kids
  2. you as a parent must not be sick and tired of your self made rascals 

But I guess that I am saying that a child should never be considered as something their dearest grownup need a regular break from. 

Or is it a self protection mechanism from the person saying it. Soothing the (possibly) bad conscience of not being able to be with the kids every day? (It is also possible that the person saying this doesn’t have neither kids and/or partner)

Or is it so, that I’m just jealous. Maybe I think that my everyday life was would be easier/better with the kids only every second week?

But why do I react like I do?

Ps I do not say that all parents with split costody thinks and feels the way as the person I overheard.

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