Food for the soul

This morning I did something that is the essence for me having my own business. I played hooky. The best thing to have your own business is not the millions you make (yeah right). It is the possibility to decide for your self.

Sure, many of us have (had) quite flexible jobs that allows us to come in late, take a longer lunch or leave a bit early, but many times you need to be somewhere or expected to be available at specific times.

So today me and the Mr took the dog for a walk and a chat along the ocean. And there, on the completely wind free beach, while the gentle rays of the spring sun came through the clouds, I knew that we are in a good place on our way to an even better.

Now, that is a very good feeling. That is happiness for me.



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  1. var det så stilla idag? fantastiskt!

    1. louisedock says:

      Ja, det var nästan på magiskt här uppe. 🙂

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