Long time no see, a short description of my current life

I can’t believe the week is over. It went so fast.
There is a LOT going on at the moment, both professionally and personally.

Schools is on its third week. Fabian who has been looking forward to starting first grade all summer, and bigger parts of the spring, suddenly got cold feet the day before the semester started. Now he is really in to it and I am very thankful that he likes it. Especially math and thinks it is fun with home work.

Sam was maybe not as happy for school to start, but was looking forward to skip the after school activity and to get the possibility to go home alone after school. This also meant he has to get to school on time by his self some mornings. He’s done it with excellence.

Thereto Sam has practise 4 out of 5 week days, the IKEA project is finally stepping up at in speed, I have several “things” going on with my own businesses. The Mr and I have set exciting goals for our future and now we need to get started in making the plans turn into reality. The Mr starting his leadership course at college at is facing both challenges but also open up new was of looking on his life.

I’ll try to enjoy it while I can. I mean it is all excellent, and you never know when luck changes.

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