Kickus maximus in gluteus maximus

That is what I received today. A big ass ass kick. To get going, to dare to break barriers and old habits. It is so hard and I do question if I need to, while I in parallell know that if I don’t, I just use fears and laziness to become scapegoats to what I really want from…

Within 15 min

Your life can get a necessary energy boost, just by hooking up with the right people. A phone-call, a coffee and two conversations later, you have gotten both energy, new ideas and perspective. Not too bad on a Friday morning.  

Coming home

I went to a CSR meeting yesterday. CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility. It was like I found a word for what I, as a communicator always have been about. Transparency and balance. But what hasn’t been the focus of the corporate forces. For me it was like coming home.


I am waiting. I do not like waiting. Patience is not part of my DNA. Next week can’t come fast enough. Or maybe it can.

Long time no see, a short description of my current life

I can’t believe the week is over. It went so fast. There is a LOT going on at the moment, both professionally and personally. Schools is on its third week. Fabian who has been looking forward to starting first grade all summer, and bigger parts of the spring, suddenly got cold feet the day before…


Today the Mr and I went to Tylöhus spa for the day. We got it from some if the Mr’s colleague when we tied the knot. THANK YOU!!! Besides massages and facials we had sceduled some important plans for our future. And now we know were we are heading, now we only need the plan…

It is a promise

At 09.30 am CET March 4 I solemnly swore that, one year from now, my conversations with a friend would not contain the same conent as today. I am actually prepared to say that it will apply alteady 6 months from now. And just, for the record, she swore the same…