A good day

Today is a good day. Today as well. And it’s not even over.

Started at the gym, with the 6 am club. Don’t you just hate it. I did. These people who exercise. IN THE MORNING! Dog walk, meeting with architect (we are planning an extension), some YinYoga and to top it off fika with one of my dearest. You know, one of those friends where you are absolutely safe and we managed to figure out a thing or two about my future. Wonders what can be achieved do over fika.

Photo credit: Mikael Stenberg -Unsplash

Now, I have prepped “dinner” and will just sit here for an hour before picking up the Mr at the airport. He’s been working in Stockholm for a few days. And if I know my self and my better half we be out on the couch right after our favorite TV-show has ended at 9. But we could be so much worse off.

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