So we did my dream vacation. I always wanted to go to Disney World as a kid and never came (not until I was 16 and it wasn’t really the same). So I decided that I one day would take my kids there.

And I (no, not he Mr), if I ever was to marry, I wanted to marry with the view of THE city (traditional wedding and party OUT OF THE QUESTION. And sure, too many episodes of Friends had an impact). So said and done, with a very Swedish consensus agreement we, as a couple, decided early this year that it was time to do it. And if we were there, we might as well go for the big trip.

So digging deep in our pockets we saved to the trip and I brained washed our children to how fabulous this trip was going to be.

It it sure was. Looking through the pictures again and again I am very grateful that we were able to make this trip.

Cancelled trains and plans and the worst storm over the east coast could not stop us. Although we had to go on an ad hoc road trip to Orlando via Atlanta, due to Sandy, nothing got us down. We saw it as an opportunity to see some more. Some more freeway that is.

Thursay-Sunday – NYC (well, Sunday morning at least)
Monday-Saturday: Orlando (Universal studios, Islands of adventure and VIP tour at Sea World)
Sunday-Monday transfer from Orlando to Key West via Everglades
Monday-Thursday: Key West with dolphin watch (that boat trip was the high of of the Florida stay). If you go, go with captain John at Dolphin watch, respect and knowledge for the animals.

I am so happy that we could do this trip, with to healthy brave boys. Who each day challenged themselves to speak some english.

I’ll share some of the pictures with me, bare with me. For more pictures visit my instagram profile “@louisedock“.


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