I’m one of them

Not in, say… a million years. I thought I’d be one. One of them. I actually used to loath them somewhat. Those people. The people who are done with their exercise before 7.00 am . But now I am. One of those who are standing “ready to go” (here I’m slightly exaggerating) at 5.50 am….

The best thing ever

Is of course my husband and kiddos. But shortly behind family comes, at the moment, Jessica. Jessica is a (my) personal trainer who (can) comes to your home and make you train. If/When necessary she could probably pull you by your hair from the couch (no extra charge). For two years I’ve been a blob. I just…

And the fab ones afterwards

When my fantastic PT (Jessica at Pure Living) has left, it is the best of minutes. I am tired like a graveyard, but feel fab. And realize how weak my upper body is, it is amazing that I can walk upright.

The trembling minutes

Before my PT arrives is just filled will agony and anxiety. I know it is going to be tough and I just want to get it over and done with… It actually looks a little like this (me doing all of below movements at the same time):