I’m one of them

Image: Geert Pieters – Unsplash

Not in, say… a million years. I thought I’d be one. One of them. I actually used to loath them somewhat. Those people. The people who are done with their exercise before 7.00 am . But now I am. One of those who are standing “ready to go” (here I’m slightly exaggerating) at 5.50 am.

Looking back at my previous post about training like this, this and this, I must say that it’s not as bad as it was then. I’m in better shape and my shoulder pain is totally gone (knock on wood). Since I started 6 (!) years ago I have had several PTs, but I also started to go to regular classes. And as life changes I adapt and make sure I get to exercise. The latest curve ball made me realize that the above mentioned morning classes are my only option. And do you know what? For me they are even better than afternoon and evening ones.

Do I think it’s more fun than before – absolutely, but I still relate to the feeling describe in the first link in previous paragraph. And right then and there, as 30 min ago (08.45 am) , when my legs were killing me in the row machine – did I enjoy it? Hell no. But there is no better way than to start you day than with exercise.

And my mantra connected to training is “Strong and pain free also 40 years from now” is leading me forward when ever during the day it might happen.

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