The best thing ever

Is of course my husband and kiddos. But shortly behind family comes, at the moment, Jessica.

Jessica is a (my) personal trainer who (can) comes to your home and make you train. If/When necessary she could probably pull you by your hair from the couch (no extra charge).

Photographer: Bente Jönsson

For two years I’ve been a blob. I just stopped training when I started my company. Prior I had, at least, been running (lumber is probably a more accurate description) a couple of times each week to stay in “shape”.

With my new training method I wonder how effective my lumber jog really was. As I now workout my core and my entire body. It has become tormently evident that my upper body strength is none existent, which really sucks. I don’t even want to think about how many of us office rats has physical problems directly connected to poor body management.

Jessica tells me what to do, counts my repetitions and corrects me when I loose focus (meaning that the workout becomes highly efficient). All I have to do is show up and survive.

I realize I sound like one of those nouveau health freaks who want to convert all sinners out there to quark eating zombies. I am not, and unfortunately I’m not (and dare to say I never will be) one of those people who sees a bench in the park and automatically bursts out in best cheerleading style: “Oh, wonderful, let’s do 10 push-ups, it’s so fun and I am so stroooong”. I’m the kind of person who really wants to slide through life with as little pain (especially physical), and I do find it rewarding to have someone like Jessica by my side to help me through it. And if you are like me, I ask you to get Jessica or someone like her. If not anything else you get a few laughters richer.

Ps. I don’t eat quark, life is too short for quark. You shouldn’t either. Unless you think it is better than wine (and NOBODY does that).

3 Comments Add yours

  1. nellierolf says:

    I love you! / The bench-pushup-lover (that do not eat quark)

    1. louisedock says:

      How did you know it was you I was thinking of 😉😘😍

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