Them – again

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a nostalgic sucker, because I’m getting old, because my family is my universe, because I am me or a combination of all above. But them kids. Gee, what is happening and I can I cope?

This is nothing you think about getting pregnant or after delivering your baby. Judging from the mainstream influencers having babies is more about what clothes and stroller to buy and if they match your undies…

Sam’s education will make him an assistant nurse when he graduates in June (in June! it’s only 4 month until graduation!) and right now his out on his last workplace internship. Something he has had every year of high school. Previously it’s been within the care of the elderly, but this time he’s at a stroke ward at the hospital. And I sense it to be different. As he perceives his assignment to be more important, him to be more old in combination that he gets to do tasks (under supervision of course) with the patients. Or maybe it’s nothing and just me perceiving things different.

Taking a break at a hotel, as we were arriving 30 min before the duty office opens. The military loves punctuality.

Last night he told us that he’s been offered a summer job at the ward. That amazing! For several reasons. First, it’s a job and even if its’ only for the summer it could easily lead to something more after the summer. Secondly, and here is where mum and dad really get’s really excited – he got the offer, this means that he must have done a good job and finally, there are many jobs like this but I believe that working at a ward vs in the elderly care is both more fun and harder to get.

But we also think that there are a lot of things going on in his head right now. We’ve been really clear that he is ending school and that requires him to get a job. A permanent one. Not a summer one. But what he doesn’t see is that a summer job can become a permanent one. Did for his mother. Thereto he wants to apply to the police academy as he want to become a police officer. We’ve said that there is no need to stress, as life experience is good to have for that profession, but naturally can he apply. And he is also (today) doing his military muster. He sees the military service as a great experience/education (not that I nor himself sees him to be a military) but the fact that some of today’s tests are the same as for the police academy… I understand that it can be a lot (our privileged kids and adults of today are not used to the unknown).

So, here I sit on a cafe in Malmö trying to pass the time until he’s done. Could take the full day… could end any minute. But that I do it, because he and his brother are everything to me. Soon he will be all on his own so I must take the last opportunities to be mum. AND and not to forget it gives me a chance to interrogate him all the way back home.

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