20 minutes at the mall

If that’s (header) what I get I sure take them.

I’m not like my old teenage me, who L.O.V.E.D to shop. Loved it! Now I think shopping is both boring a bad for the the environment. But as you know, I love to be around my children.

So after yesterday’s game, Fabian and I went in the local mall for a late, and much needed, lunch. He then decided that he wanted to watch another game where some of his teammates were playing. As the game didn’t start for another hour and it would only take us 20 min to get there , we hade some time to kill. We strolled along, without anything particular in mind to purchase, more than new phone protection shells (Tesla had a snack on mine and Fabian had apparently dropped his). It doesn’t sound hard task but with an old phones it close to impossible.

No shells were found, but a pair of jeans were. Fabian is very much my old teenage me, he loves to shop. And I remember when my mum and I (back in the days when I loved shopping, maybe for this reason) went shopping and she treated me with something. I just love doing that. Fabian was both very surprised and thankful and then it’s twice as fun.

Then I drove him to the other game and off he went. Yes, it’s hard for me to accept that there are more important things out there, than hanging out with his old mother. But then 20 minutes together (with or without a pair of jeans) becomes so much more important. At least for the old mother.

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