Flawless or not

To be a teenage parent is hard. Harder than I ever expected. I would be a huge fan of any software you could run in their brains so they are ready by default.


My current task is to support in the things, the things I thought I made clear long before (and so many times before), as they show up in reality. So clear that there is a difference between theory and practice.

At the same time I get reminded that children are children and don’t have the software I referred to earlier. They are as far from flawless as they should be. They make mistakes and the only thing we can do as parents is to be there, explain (again and again), guide and offer endless barrels of love. And hope that the world around them do to. Which can be hard, as many of the ones they are around are also children without the software chip and some without supporting and guiding parents by their side.

The only thing I can do now, is reassure that this to will pass.

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