Why folks?! Why?

The other day a conversation with a friend raised the question “Why do people ask questions that is really none of their business? And the answer is simple. They are stupid. We all are. Some more than others, others in a different way. But we are all stupid.

Our inability to see things from the other people’s perspective, makes us stupid. Most people call their stupidity for concern, but it is pure curiosity which is another word for stupidity.

One example on common stupid questions out there is directed to couples in steady relationships (or God forbid married couples) (maybe more commopnly to the woman in the relationship, but I don’t know). Anywho, the question is: “Isn’t time for you to have (another) one?” And they are not talking about root canals.

Why do people ask? What do they plan to do with the information? Help out as a egg- or sperm doner? Start a petition to force you get (more) kids? They reasons for these kinds of questions are many, but one thing is certain  – It ain’t your business! So shut the F up!

The risk is huge that the childless couple wants nothing more than to have one, but for some reason it isn’t working. And your ineptitude is not helping – it is making things worse. And the ones who have taken the conscious decision to not get any – at all, already knows society’s stigma in this matter and doesn’t need to explain to you (they are at least making an effort to not over populate mother earth).

For all your couples out there (and for anyone who are asked stupid questions), do the only right thing  when it comes to manage these forms of master suppression techniques, bring the stupidity right back to the sender (where it belongs) by simply asking:

“Why (on earth) do you ask?”



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