When sharing one’s emotions like I do, out in the open, with no filter more than a half hearted proofreading (usually after publishing), there’s a risk that people misunderstand and, God forbid, judge, not me, but the ones I’m writing about.

I realize that my children as well as my husband, who over the years have been the root to my sharing, might have given one or another a somewhat unfair picture of them.

I try to always write from my perspective, my view, my interpretation of things happening without telling too much of what the others actually have done.

People who know me, and us, know where the real truth lies. Which not always is 100% in line with my emotions. But on the other hand the last fool has not been born yet, which might (as we know in the world of alternative facts) could lead to interpret my emotions to facts – misleading to a incorrect none personal picture of them.

But then again, I will continue to be open with my feelings and not contribute to enhance my life to be prettier, better, or worse for that matter. My life is what it is, and in the end I LOVE it.


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