From thinking to doing

I have, for some time, had the idea of making a a7 giftcard with the family on it. A personal way to accompany a (maybe) not so personal gift.

I thought I would put my photographical skills to it, but it seems like I have had a hard time to get myself into that picture. So the idea been totally worthless (which all ideas are if you don’t make reality out of them). Until now (I’m not totally there yet, the cards must be ordered to).

One of my good wine friends (I have many of them), or actually her husband, used another of my friends Johanna Lundqvist Björn (multitalented designer, creative director, illustrator and project leader) to get a family portrait  this Christmas and now I did the same.

I am super happy about the result. Please let me introduce the Dock family (or one of them, there are many of us to).

❤️ A million thanks Johanna for helping out, making one of my ideas come true.❤️


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