Old memories and cinnamon rolls

Looking at post on Facebook and realize that EVERYBODY are away on vaca. EVERYBODY. Except us. It might be that we just built a filfy expensive house and need to save some money. But parts of me HATE it.

Me too want to go away.

Never the less I sat down to look at some old post from October an November 2012 when we were away and ran into our days in Key West. Was it the most fun place. With two small boys the intense senior citizen partying was a little too much. BUT. Did we have a magical tour on the ocean, watching the sun-set. It looks the same as back home, but still it was magic.

I then got lost in old post, posted on todays date years back. When my babies was so, so small. Time. A funny thing. Gotta do the best out of it. Like baking cinnamon rolls :).

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