Never settle

This clip comes up over and over again in my Facebook feed. I had a look and I was surprised that I knew so many of the lyrics (especially since I’m tonedeaf). What surprised me even more was how many memories I have to the songs and what feelings and places were connected to them.

Parts of me would like to be there, where I was when these songs we popular and where my kids are today. Young teens on their way out in their own lives. So exciting! And I realize that I’m one of those adults that don’t want to realize that I’m not 20 (but is smart enough to not show it on bar stools and dry hump real 20 year olds).

I guess that there could be something very melancholic over this. But instead of getting all depressed over the fact, I continue to set new goals. New things I want to do and experience. And I hereby solemnly swear to never stop living. Never to settle.

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