Path to happiness

There are several paths to happiness. One is through food and at lunchtime it’s called omelett. OMG! Soon 42 years old and I haven’t gotten it until now.

I have always, since I was a child hated eggs. I watched with fascination my father eating his boiled breakfast egg. He beheaded it with his butter knife and it looked delicious. But I, I couldn’t stand the taste.

A little over two years ago a friend of mine got me to forget the past and got me to try eggs at breakfast. What do you know? I liked it. It quickly become a everyday breakfast must for me. With out it I am lost and guaranteed a fall in my blood suger right before lunch or for sure in the evening.

With the morning egg I have also gotten to cut down on the ridiculous amount of bread (carbs) that I have been eating over the years. But it doesn’t stop there. Monday I once again visited the same friend and this time she introduced – the omelette. Of course I knew about its existence well before Monday. But since I really don’t like eggs, it has never been an option. But now it is. AND it is super simple to do… I usually (there has only been two omelette lunches till today) fry some mushrooms with garlic and onions to it.


  • I am not sponsored by the Swedish, European, American, Chinese or any international egg association or egg farmers. I’m not (unfortunately) sponsored by anyone. Me writing this blog is just me expressing (for free) myself until my book is ready. This egg thing is just something that has worked for me (but feel free to offer me sponsorship, I am sure we could work something out, especially if you are in the wine business).
  • I don’t follow any diets or what-so-ever. I don’t do the cabbage soup diet, the air stewardess diet, LCHF, egg diet etc etc. I do not believe in any diets (until the find one that works on wine) more than in a balanced diet with vegetables, proteins, fats and carbs (maybe in that order). I’m also convinced that different things works for different people and (apparently) at different times.
  • I am fully aware that it might seem like my happiness of a mother of two blog is turning into a frantic training and food blog. It won’t. This to will pass (hopefully only in writing).
  • I have bough a bag of chips/crips for this evening. It will balance things out (no, not sponsored by Estrella either).


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