I love yoga

After 4 (!) years, I finally made it. Tonight was the night I could complete a Eka hasta bhujasana (or a version of it). I have never even been close to making it and to tell you the truth there wasn’t much motivation in me to make it today either. But by golly I made it! Twice! Once on each arm!

Hurray for me (not me in the picture).
Eka hasta bhujasana


5 Comments Add yours

  1. brohominid says:

    Great job Brotha!

      1. brohominid says:

        I take that back… Great job ‘Sista’ lol!

      2. louisedock says:

        LOL, I wasn’t going to be all feminist on ya. But thanks – again 😉

      3. brohominid says:

        Haha sure thing! Take care 🙂

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