So what do I do

bild2So, what do I do when my diligent colleagues stay with the big company and work hard.

I wake up a little later than usual (this is an exception as the kids haven’t started school yet), I drink my morning coffee without any stress (and today the Mr joined, which is a bonus). I edit pictures, I write chronicles, I book meetings with new potential customers, write quotations, etc etc.

I also should or could have taken yesterday’s run (oh, my run coach will be so mad), but instead I took a long lunch luxurious at a restaurant with 2 of my three men and enjoyed a glass of Riesling.

Then I baked, with my little one. No, that is not true. That sounded way better then it was. I had to support them, when I needed to do some last things and I was not really in the mood of “playing” baker. (When I am in the kitchen I always put on an act. I have NO clue what to do there, except for cleaning.)

But, still, this is why I so much enjoy my to days off the big, big company. It is all up to me and I can steer the tempo a little more than they other days. That is why my out of office reply is what it is.

Photographer: me, Louise Dock

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tittti says:

    Härlig bild!

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Tack! Ja, den gillade jag med.

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