Out of office assistant

I am living my life here and now and am therefore unfortunately not available for IKEA questions until Monday.

Best regards,

Louise Dock”

This is my auto reply, when I, every Friday and every second Thursday, choose to do something different in my life.

It use to be hang with my kids. Before Fabian started school , I e.g. had fika with him every Friday, FFF, Friday fika with Fabian.

Now I tend to my own businesses.

It is quite funny when people react to my “away message”. It is often done with a laugh, which is good. Cause I do not mean to claim that they do not have a life, when they are tied to their hand and legs to their work.

Their job at a big, big company where they have an important small task. An assignment where they, (God forbid), got hit by a truck will be replaced within a week (because that is the nature of business, the show must go on). I have chosen to see my contribution from a different perspective.

But I do want people to react to it and start thinking what they do with their lives.

By all means, to have a job is very important, it serves not only a monetary need, but also a social and self-development one. In worst cases also a break from the life they live.

The most important thing is that you are OK with the life you lead. If not, maybe, my out of office reply might start to get you thinking.

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