Pink knee high laqcuer boots – or the courage to live your life as you want it

On my way home after a weekend with friends in our lovely capital.

These are friends from pree-school, junior high and high school. Friends which you can share inner most true feelings with as well as make (un)suitable age jokes with.

The shopping gave way for discussions and sharing.

I quitely wonder what it is that make us so similar. Is it our country upbringing combined with ambition (back then) ?
We all live similar lives in similar society class. We are all sticking to the partner, who is the (same) father to our children, and who which we have been hanging with for at least 12 yrs. Men who all iron their own shirts, and ours, themselves. None of us would even imagine to do it for them.

Happy, thankfull and slightly tired (from the IKEA camp bed) heading home to the most important people in my life.

Cheers ladies!







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