I am in Stockholm, again… Buying bras at Twilfit Gallerian, again.

When walking from the central station to the city centre I stop at a crossing. Standing there I recognised a person, or it looked very much like her, but still not. It could be her, eventhough she works in this little town in the middle of the nowhere forrest in the southern parts of Sweden, I knew she was living here. So it could be her. But still… Why the cain.

I called her name, and of course it was she. This marvelous, living, creative, in the middle of life person. Five weeks ago she was hit by a stroke, when standing in the security line at the airport on her way to Barcelona.

She was OK, she said. Considering. The right arm still felt like concrete. What if the stroke hit her while in the aircraft in mid air…. A thought she’d been thinking more then once the kast week.

Life is fragile. Things change on a dime. Live your life here and now. Don’t settle for anyone or anything less.

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