Back to the future

Soon 20 years ago I found this guy (with the little help from my friends) that later became the father of my children, and later became my husband.

When we met he was already long down in the addicted claws of it. Soccer. He was pretty good. As a young adult he got to try out for one of Sweden’s best teams. He was even considering to go to the US to be able to combine soccer and school.

All in all it didn’t happen but he was playing for many more years, and it was not until fatherhood combined with working hours and a somewhat tired body that he put the soccer shoes on the shelf. Until now. In a somewhat more passive but yet so important role soccer is back in our lifeHe and his cousin took on the challenge to coach the local team.

Today was a pre-season game. And as a supporting wife we ignored the low temperature and wind chill factor and went to see (parts of) the game.

I was swoooshed 20 yrs back. It is all the same. The sounds, the smells (tiger balm and sweet) and the emotions. And I hate to admit it. But I like it.


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  1. Titti says:

    Se där, som det kan gå! Och lite tonårskänslor kan aldrig vara fel! Heja Mr! Heja, heja!

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Ha ha! Du är ju för rolig. Ja, vi får väl se om det går så långt ;).

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