To not cave in

For me, it’s hard. To let go. To no be too intrusive. Sam is away with his class over night. Even if I want to know everything (like he would tell me, and that he would tell me while he’s away…), I resist the urge to continue the Snapchat conversation with his reply that everything…

Up like a sun down as pancake

Classic Swedish saying. A day that started good (excluding the cold with sore throat and a light fever) just plunged back to the basement. The code word is teenager…

What just happened?

A month and a half into the semester and the son is Skyping with girls. Having a good time as far as I can hear. I didn’t see this coming.

Death as a constant companion

No, there is no known fatal decease around, luckily. But not having the boys around get me thinking of loosing them. The risk is as big (or little) as the sit in the neighboring room, but it gets so much more scary and more frequent (uninvited) companion in my mind when they are not around….


I remember the times when all I asked for was 10 minutes by myself. Preferably doing something fun and semi-rewarding but I’d settle for alone-time in the bathroom. But not even that was possible. I also remembered the time when both of the kids where off on playdates and I got so much free time…