Friday tulips

Almost every Friday I purchase a bouquet flowers, usually tulips. Nowadays it doesn’t only bright my day up, flowers makes you happy, but I also think of my friend Monika. She also likes tulips and always purchase white ones. I can’t limit myself I need have colours and different ones every time. Happy Friday all,…


Did you hear that? I’m sure you didn’t see it. It was the weekend. I came and went. The Mr was/is working the entire time (except the hours he spent on the football pitch, or next to it). I tried to do some use around the house. Washing the car, buying plants, doing some gardening,…

If I only

If I only were like these friends. They who, when I wish them happy travels and complained about my cold, delivers a fresh garden bouquet within minutes. I am not like that. I’m not even close to that level of consideration. But happy that I’ve got friends that are. Highly appreciated.    

Naturally beautiful

I have not always appreciated nature. By all means, nature has always been close to me or vice versa and I have always been part of it. But have I appreciated it? It might be so that as it has been such a natural part of my life I have taken it for granted. As a photographer…

Thank you

I am feeling truly grateful that I have a mind of a Teflon frying pan. Nothing sticks to me, for long. I can get gruesomely angry and upset (as you saw in my last post), but then it is gone and I focus on the the good parts in life, like when you play Uno…


It was a long time ago I posted a picture not taken by my smartphone. So here are some of the tulips in our garden.

So simple

Just want to hand you a very simple, very hands on tip on how to live here and now. Pick some, or one Lily of the Valley. The smell is pure goodness. Life is here, live it.