It is the best day of the week. After a session with my PT I am now enjoying a cup of coffee and BREAD (best cardamom muffin from the local bakery). And all before I have to start work. Brilliant. Welcome weekend!

The second cup of coffee

The second cup of coffee during breakfast, when the kids are off to school, when the house is complete silent. That’s the best one. A slow start today. The ones I need from time to time, just to remember what life really is about.


After the rather loathed “waking up” part, which is a long and tiresome part in my life, I love mornings. Love the speed (i.e. no speed) the breakfast, morning news and the coffee. Wish all my days could be mornings.


I love the sun. It doesn’t need to be ridiculously warm, but sun helps. Today is such a day. Time to enjoy it, with a cup of coffee. Ahhhh.  


Mondays can be anything from heaven to hell. My Monday was a slice of heaven. A fairly long drive for two hours of morning coffee and chats. But that’s what you do when oppertunity strikes. You only live once.


Time is a funny, but usually good, thing. For me, today time provides me with the opportunity to skip the new LEGO movie over a cup of coffee and an episode of Suits. Nice!

Happy Wednesday

Today I am happy for the fact that I will meet some friends. Friends make me happy. And coffee to. I’ll start with some coffee.