What life should feel like

Got this memory on Facebook today (yes, I know, I shouldn’t be there, or, I don’t want to be there, but I am, not especially often, but as you see I am). It’s from today 2011. I’d caption the picture: ”What life should feel like”.

I’m so wise. Because that’s so true. The week that passed didn’t feel like this at all. For different reasons, mainly the fact that I’ve been in Gehenna.

Since covid, I probably haven’d had a sneezed (that’s almost two years). Two weeks ago Fabbe came home with a cold and stayed home for a week. The week thereafter the Mr caved in. And I was so proud (or was it gloating I felt) that it wasn’t me. The Mr always complains that I’m too close to the kids, also when they are ill. Then Friday, sitting in the car waiting for Fabbe to finish his practice I started to feel something vague in my throat, a tickling sensation. I wasn’t too bad Saturday or Sunday, but I stayed home from the puppy course and the movies. And then… Sunday night! OMG. My throat. It was in constant pain, not only when swallowing. As soon as I feel asleep I got a suffocating feeling and woke up in panic. That kept on the entire night.

I gradually got better. And I’m about 85% well today. But man I don’t think I ever have been this ill. And I promise myself, life should feel like the image above. Starting tomorrow.

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