With a twist

I had to do this a last time, with the Mr. Just for fun. Here is what he said:

  1. What does your wife always say to you?
    “I love you”
  2. What makes your wife happy?
    “Family time and back rubs”
  3. What makes your wife sad?
  4. How does your wife make you laugh?
    “Just by being her everyday self, we have a lot of fun.”
  5. How was wife as a child?
    “She wants people to believe she was extremely well behaved, but she was a mischief.”
  6. How old is your wife?
    She turns 46 this fall. You are right? Yes, you are, I’m turning 47.”
  7. How tall is your wife?
    “A little shorter than me.”
    (Editor’s note: Very little)
  8. What is your wife’s favorite activity?
    Relax, talk and fika
  9. What is your wife good at?
    (Editor’s note: simple but true)
  10. What is your wife not so good at?
    “Hard because you are good at everything…. Being calm in stressful situations and avoiding getting angry when you’re hungry.”
  11. What’ you wife working with?
    “She is a communicator at Dock Communications.”
    (Editor’s note: you thought he would know that the brand is Dock Communication (with out the “s”)
  12. What is your wife’s favorite food?
    “Most things except beans are healthy rice alternatives.”
    (Editor’s note: Thank God it was not pasta)
  13. In what way are you proud over wife?
    “She has a lot of integrity and strong belief in herself.”
  14. If your wife was a cartoon character, who would she be?
    “Lois Lane, the sharp pen and intellect.”

    (Editor’s note: This was a tough one, took for ever. He was super proud over his answer, though)
  15. What are you and your wife doing together?
    (Editor’s note: Yes, that is how old we are)
  16. In what ways are you and your wife alike?
    “We are positive people and have the same values.”
    (Editor’s note: True)
  17. In what ways are you and your wife different?
    “She’s more straightforward than I am, I’m more diplomatic.”
    (Editor’s note: he says diplomatic, I call it afraid of conflicts”
  18. How do you know your wife loves you?
    “Because she likes to spend time with me.”
    (Editor’s note: True)
  19. What is your wife’s favorite place? Where she likes to go?
    “The toilet.”
    (Editor’s note: I gave him this one)
  20. When is your wife embarrassing?

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