Hell has no fury

I’m sitting here, awake and in an upright position, on my only free week-end morning. Today I was off until 12.00. I could sleep in, I had no alarm buzzing at dawn. Even if I usually wake up at the same time every day (also on week-ends) today I had the opportunity to give “the wake-up man” the middle finger and turn around for an another round of sleep.

But no. In the same bed as I, lies a snoring husband, who, after consuming intoxicating beverages becomes even “better” at this snoring thing.

At 4:47 am I gave him the ultimate to shut the fuck up or place himself in the guest room. As the man he is, he mounted the challenge as he was assure he would make it. The reality turn-out – he continues to sleep and snore in our joint bedroom.

For him to, in this situation, do a risk analysis and contemplate on the consequences of his failed attempt did, of course, not strike him. If he had, he would at 4.47 am chosen the guest bedroom and by that eschew this public humiliation that I, without his knowledge, am putting him through.

Now, he has to live with the consequences…

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