This has probably been the most productive week-end in a long, long time. And it is not over yet.

There has been a lot of gardening. The Mr did his fair share this week when he was off work, which probably gave me a bad conscience. So I have been picking weeds for the love of me, carrying bricks till my back gave up (no, it didn’t but it did hurt), mowed the lawn (and it’s up for another round) and some planting.

There to I have washed the car, currently only on the outside but my mission is to have the inside done before sunset. Laundry. We do the laundry in the week-ends and maybe not every, so when we do, there are tonnes of it. But how wonderful it is when you can hang it to dry outside. It always feel cleaner and I just love the smell.

The analysis is. When you skip sociala media and soccer. You have massive of time at your hands to do real stuff.

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