A 102 year old saga ends

This morning the Mr called and informed me that his grandfather passed during the night.

He has reached an impressive age of 102 years 3 moths and 7 days.

Farfar Erik is his beloved fishing boat 2006

For my husband he was very dear and have been for his entire life. We and the boys were never to be call him great granddad, as he and his 10 year younger wife thought it sounded terribly old. We had to call him granddad Erik.

Two and a half weeks ago the Mr and I sat at their kitchen table and the Mr joined his grandfather for a small whiskey. So thankful that we took the time to stop by. You never know when it is too late. Today it would have been.

When an old person passes, it is the natural part of life that we call death. It’s perfectly normal and how it should be. But now the world is one very good man short. And the world needs these good people.

Sleep well farfar Erik.

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