These weekends

Ok, I get it. With out the weekdays there wouldn’t be any weekends. But gee how I LOVE ’em – weekends. Especially when they are like the one passed.

The Mr was working both Saturday and Sunday (he was also away Friday night). But I don’t care – because… I have friends.

Friday dinner at a friends house with another friend as our husbands were off.

Saturday I met up with two of my high school friends (apparently I do this this weekend every year Facebook tells me). We spent the day in our neighboring country Denmark talking, walking, eating and sipping some much needed culture. Some art just fly over my head, while other strikes a cord and gets me thinking and feeling about things I wouldn’t do otherwise. And that’s EXACTLY the purpose of culture.

Tired we went back home for dinner and some wine. The Sunday started with luxury breakfast followed by a good old walk along the ocean. Buddy was with us running happily and eating assorted types of shit (primarily horse’s).

Laughter, conversations and new thinking apparently all you need for a fabulous weekend. Yeah and some teenage conflicts and studying for tests too…

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