Happy Mother’s day – to me

It’s almost 13 years ago I became a mother. Kids have always been part of my “life plan”, but I never felt that strong conviction in my soul that I must become a mother – until the day I actually became one.

From that day, they have been the most important beings in my life. Their needs come first, always. This approach is often misinterpreted. Either people think that one (because I am not alone with this prioritization) don’t see ourselves and our own needs as important anymore. Or, people think that this means that one cave into the children’s smallest wishes.

And maybe that is the point, people mix-up needs and wishes. Getting a lollypop for no reason (or for any reason) a Tuesday morning is not something I would do. I’ll take the fight and I’ll win it.  No, I don’t sit snd watch every soccer practise but I make sure that they get there every week. I watch most of their games, but when reality hits and I need/want to be somewhere else, I allow myself to do so, with no bad conscience what so ever. But I make sure that I show up for things and occasions that are important for them and honestly just as much for my own sake as theirs. I love to be part of their lives.

I’ve understood that our boys have had serious problems to figure out what to get me for mother’s day. The restaurant visit was already handled by their father Friday when they where at grandma’s.

I don’t want to sound like the spoiled bitch I am, I rather get a drawing or nothing at all than whatever nick-nack their budget allows (I know it is the thought that counts…).

So, I got this:

a “Fabian trademarked breakfast”. A gift showing his creativity and his never ending consideration and, not the least, it’s a result that we don’t spoil them. At age 10 he knows how to make a good breakfast. From his older brother I got honesty. He thanked his brother for making the breakfast even-though the gift was from the both of them (and of course little-brother replied not to worry he had made the coffee).

I summarize 2016 year’s Mother’s day at 08.45 am to be a good one. It also allows me to draw the conclusion that me and the Mr are doing a good job on this parenting thing.


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