Mental mayhem 

Snap! There it went. If my Wednesday was me accepting the mother-of-the-day-award. Today was when they ripped it out of my hands.

A really disappointing encounter with Sam, led to public scolding to the extent a total stranger started to talk with me (remember folks, we are Swedish we never talk to strangers) and it was only supportive (and YES I know anything public that makes your child offended is wrong and against everything stated in the Geneva convention and should send me to ”parent-Guantanamo” the detention camp not the city).Anyway, leaving that behind us, I crumbled once again after landing my behind in pee. Who doesn’t lift the darn seat up in 2016?! I don’t understand the women who has a problem with men leaving it up, it’s when it’s being left down you go berserk! Add clothes in different piles EVERYWHERE to the pee and you will end up in Looney town right next to me.

Thank God this day is over!


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