And angels sang

From one day to another and the world can change, or at least your outlook of it can.

Today has been a good day. Looking at my day in hindsight I get the feeling that this is what a “house -wife of any bigger city with husband of enormous and never-ending monetary resources” looks like. (This could make me feel bad, as that is very far from my every day life, but I choose not to.)

Anyhow, it has been a great day. Morning session with my personal trainer (only that combination of words… me and a PT (!), is quite fantastic), pampering at the beauty salon, a creative meeting, huge steps in my personal development plan, tasty lunch, witnessing two siblings (my own offsprings) showing a one another tremendous warmth, compassion and love (on the other hand, that is more or less the ONLY interaction with them, and maybe that is for the best) and the Mr is soon to be home.

So far the day couldn’t have been better or as Dr. Alban would sing it:



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