Less charming

I know I am a person who both know and share less positive sides of myself. I don’t claim to be perfect, I sure do not feel nor do I strive for perfection (as perfection is subjective and very boring). But sure, maybe I am less good to share all the times when I yell at my children and husband and sends naughty thoughts about them and other people in my surroundings. On the other hand I keep these emotional outburst in my head instead of sharing them to everyone and anyone in my social media closeness.


Thereto I am a person who, you ought to know by now, focus more on the positives (including my personal characteristics) than what I am not.

But inspired by Nellie want to share my less charming sides.

I challenge you to share yours?

Demanding & condemning  – I am very, VERY demanding person. Of myself and on others. I don’t care what people do when it doesn’t concern me. But when they deliver and the shortcomings of their delivery, in one way or another, spills over on me, I have no understanding what so ever.

I usually can handle this and do not directly bother, instead I get very focus to solve the “problem” someone has caused. The back-side of being demanding is that it leaves me quite condemning. You might not notice it then and there, but it gives me a heads up for the next time we meet and if you fail a second time, I usually try to stay away.

On the other hand, this demanding side has left me with the knowledge and confidence that I always (almost) deliver with higher quality than expected. This provides me with a possibility to draw “the good enough” card. I do not always need to work my ass off, as I know I will deliver a good enough level.

Patience – I do not have it. It is simply not in my DNA. Especially when it come to non-functional technical things. I have worked up an understanding for children and I have learnt not to let the consequences of my impatiens (spelled explosion) strike them. But non working technical things, like apps, computers etc etc. or WHEN the work with less satisfactory user-experience – arrrrghhh!!!

Well, that’s it I would say. Not many things but quite excessive. Some might also add that I am quite self-righteous. I guess they’re right.

And here is some pictures that hides my demanding, condemning and impatient persona.

Weekend summaryBack from Ven


IMG_074020120407-233922.jpgJust for the record, above picture is taken with the fat-app, it has never been that bad…

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  1. nellierolf says:

    Jag trodde jag lämnat en kommentar här men jag blev säkert avbruten så den aldrig kom iväg…. Kul att du hakade på. Vi har vissa likheter du och jag. 🙂 Kram

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