Let’s blame it on the mom

It is only me and my husband who have fostered these terrible individuals. No they are not terrible. I love my fantastic children to death, but right now I am far beyond frustration.

I believe we are quite normal parents. We give a lot. Love, experience and to some extent; things. To that we follow all other conventions the world has come up with. We shelter and feed them, we let them go to school and do not physically or mentally (if you ignore what happen right now because I lost it and screamed on the top of my lungs) hurt them, we drive them to after school activities and games, friends etc. etc.

To that we demand things. Simple things. Quite normal to the western society. They help us prepare meals, empty and fill the dishwasher, take the garbage, clean their rooms (and that is not even on a regular basis) in some instances we ask them to help out with refilling the firewood storage, paint the fence etc.

We are very clear that we, as a family, we help each other out. We are a team.

Therefore I get very frustrated when they can’t get their heads out of computer games. I do not demand them to come running asking if they can help me out with breakfast. But I do expect them to end their playing when I have told them to do so as it is time for breakfast.

And now it is all my fault since I am the one loosing it. I am freaking tired of being understanding. I am ready for school to start!

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