Finding the words

I thank my blogger friend Kenneth for putting words to a growing frustration in my world.

It has become so clear to me, especially in the world of social media, that people are not able to read ANYTHING that doesn’t correspond to their own belives or order, without getting defensive.

I feel like more and more people think everything one writes is about being right or wrong, rather than just a generalisation to start a meaningful discussion. A discussion where we actually can listen to eachother and maybe learn a thing or two…

The post I’m writing (here or other social media plattforms) are to start a conversations (if not with meat least with yourself) not a egoistic celebration of my perfect mind.

My thesis becomes painfully right if you take a look in the comment fields of the bloggers with a larger audience. There, it is clear that the essence of the comments are “how wrong or stupid etc. the blogger is” (and in worst cases a wish of someone’s death), instead of looking beyond the words and with interest want to know more in detail why a person say/write as he/she does.

I wonder if this is a symptom of our culture where souls with too low self-esteem and suppressed everyday lives (in the constant pursuit of consumption and physical happiness)?

I am not saying that it IS like this? I am just asking a general question.

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  1. I think you have a good point. Sometimes I end up tossing posts because I’m afraid that they may just reflect my perfect mind. I know I shouldn’t care, but never the less I do. Maybe time and more frequent blogging will change that.

    1. louisedock says:

      I am totally with you. I can see the comments prior even starting the post.
      Let’s stop! And speak our mind. OK?

  2. I don’t generally comment for just the reasons you describe — the comments seem more like a shouting match — or like a bunch of people jumping up and down agreeing with each other. I guess the latter is better …. at least I hope so because I’m about to jump in and tell you how much I agree with you 🙂 Thanks for the visit to my blog. Yes I am a fan of your friend’s blog. Don’t always agree — but I think that is GOOD and I like the way he makes me think ….

    1. louisedock says:

      Yes, the latter is nicer, even if I am not sure it is better (in the long run, you are OK to do it today 😉 ). No, what a boring cyborg world it would be if we all were alike. It is probably more the way we feedback. The tone (which I believe is possible to hear in written words, even if others don’t ;). What a wonderful world it would be if if we in our strive to be heard could do it with a piece of respect.

  3. Tittilina says:

    Why even bother to read a blog that you don’t like? Just to write a comment which hurts? I can’t understand those people…

  4. louisedock says:

    No, that for sure need to be about bad self-esteem. To be 100% honest, I personally don’t run into those kind of comments on my blog very often (even if I have).

    I’m just saying WHY does it need to be about right OR wrong as soon as you say anything. But as said in the reply above, maybe I just need to shift focus and mental status and get going. Trying to keep my own words in order.

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