Birth, cigarettes & drugs

When going to sleep yesterday, Fabian decided to sleep over at his brother’s. After I read the bed-time story I stayed a little longer of a chat with the two of them.

Those moments are magic. When you have a real conversation. Sam starts to sniff on “the tweenie” age and some talks we have had covered “the birds and the bees” (he is 10 soon, and it fels good that we have been able to talk about it, hopefully settle somekind of trust to talk about these things for the future).

Yesterday it was about when they were born, which somehow turned into smoking further into drugs.

I try to keep the conversations on these topics informative, while still clear about my viewpoint. My idol Jesper Juuhl claims in one (or more books) that it is important to be clear in our viewpoints about these subjects. Then they (our children) will at least know where we stand, when they encounter them (and they will). And even we believe it or not (it is not really something that they usually show) our viewpoints are important to them and they will remember them (even if they will try to do their best to forget).

If we (parents) start to have this conversation when they are 14… will most probably not meet the most receptive persons and they will not know what is right when being offered a joint.

So take they oppertunity to talk with your offsprings when they ask their questions. There is no greater oppertunity to “brainwash” them.

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