And yes, it is that time of the month

Let’s not beat around the bush, I have PMS. And when so, I change personality like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. OK, change is maybe and overstatement. I have a temper like few others (it is part of my personality and with me all of the days of the year, the fact that I am closer to 40 and female probably makes me somewhat less daunting). And it shows in flying colours 12 out of the years 52 weeks.

The worst part is not that I show a bad temper, the worst thing is that I want to show be bad, into to the bone evil.

So when the mr and my friend M made a bike deal and it became my task to make it possible for her to pick it up (as the Mr so timely went to Denmark for a training camp with his soccer team) I snapped. Probably partly driven by, in my eyes, principal faux pas done by a handful or so of my colleagues and managers. I’ll stop there since I will met some of them tomorrow…

Well, at least the weather was good almost great tonight, showing that spring is here. And sorry M & Mr for handing you a handful of my bad ass PMS. But you deserved it 😉 And thanks M for the bubbly. You are forgiven. Let’s see what the Mr will bring me.


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