Love and attention

I decided that my blog should get some more love and attention. Been a weak fall for blogging. But one can always change and make better, right?

So to start a new header. My favourite pics from our US trip this fall. What a day (and trip) we had. Even we had to do our fair share of nagging to get Fabian to wear his life jacket (and as you can see, we did not succeed all the time).

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  1. Tittilina says:

    Superfina bilder! Nu längtar jag till sommaren.
    För ni kommer väl ner hit igen så att vi kan ligga och gott oss lite på Europas bästa strand?

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Kommer mer än gärna, det var definitivt en av de bästa dagarna 2012.

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