I’m not alone

Had lunch with a friend of mine. We talked about life and what’s happening and came to the conclusion we share an issue.

We are both mother’s of two sons in similar age, not that I think that our offsprings’ gender has too much to about our common dilemma, which is – our ability to worry.

To imagine issues and accompanying feelings, that our sons, could or could not be going through and finding solutions to problems that very well could, or not, exist in our sons lives, is apparently our way of entertaining ourselves. Usually around 3.00/4.00 a.m., while our husbands are comfortably sleeping next to us, saving energy to go mammoth hunting early the next morning.

Well, even if both of us understands how imbecilic and illogical all this is, at least I felt comforted by seeing I’m not the only fool in the room.

The love for our children, how peculiarly limitless it is.

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