Fantastic parents

Sam wasn’t selected to make the military service. Due to lactose intolerance… We were all kind of surprised about this, especially that it wasn’t sorted before the physical visit. We were thinking that he might get removed by his hearing, but he never came that far. But no sad faces on any of us. And with a world on the edge of a new war, I must say as a mother, I’m quite relieved.

Anyhow, he finished his internship, accepted the summer job and gotten a written references from his supervisor. A written and printed one to use when applying for jobs going forward. I read it and did this mother tear up?

It’s funny that we (OK I) lack perspectives when we view our children. For me they are what I see, and I see it all (no I don’t see all, but I see a lot). All their good and less good sides. It’s a blessing to see so much of a person. But just like myself I don’t share all sides with my colleagues or assignment providers. There I show 95% all shiny and sometimes a little better than reality Louise. Why would Sam be different. Of course not.

To sum it up he is a good lad, in a profession that suits him well. And with one particularly great ability, rated highly by the supervisor – to ask for help. When he didn’t understand or was unsure how to do things, he asked. Apparently a rare ability (especially among men I guess…). And this is something that we have nagged about over the years. To not be afraid to ask for help. It’s impossible to know everything. And asking for help is better than to be passive. So, his father and I take all the cred for this one, what awesome parents we are ;).

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