What’s enough?

I amuse my self sometimes (in-between I forget that they are there) to watch YouTubers talking about Sweden. That’s because I’m quite patriotic (let’s be clear here: patriotism as in love and pride to a homeland and not nationalism). Anyhow, I watched one of these (the content and correctness of the video is irrelevant for the message of this post), and while reading the comments (reading comments in any social media is usually the most fun or provoking one can do) I got struck by a cogitation. The comment that triggered my thoughts made was the fact (?) that people cannot get as rich in Sweden as one can in the US.

As this might be true, I was still left with the thought of what is rich/wealth? How much money does a person need? Don’t get me wrong. Personally I love money or the freedom/opportunities it provides me and my family and I’m not attracted by the communist ideology.

I am also fortunately enough to have enough of them to not feel insecure/afraid/stresses. A blessing I know. But how much more do I need?

Even if the richest people in Sweden isn’t/can’t be as wealthy as their American counterparts, is that something bad? Or should individual peoples’ aim for unlimited wealth be something to strive for and is a society that creates such an environment better?

Well that’s my thought for the day.

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